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Key Services

Project Experience


We are specialists in the delivery of Seabed Mobility Studies to support cable and pipeline projects. 

Our services are delivered by recognised experts who have more then 20 years of direct project experience. 

Cooper Marine Advisors has an expanding portfolio of cable and pipeline experience.

We support leading 
environmental consultancies with specialist technical services.

Route selection - characterisation of seabed conditions to avoid unfavourable conditions 

Desktop studies – data search, literature reviews and gap analysis 

Survey recommendations – geophysical and sediment sampling 

Seabed mobility – sandwave dynamics, channel migration, scour 

Landfall studies – shoreline stability 

GIS - analysis and mapping 

Due diligence – examining potential risks to assets from future seabed mobility risks 

Landfall review of interconnector cable 

Cable crossing assessment of seabed mobility and scour risk 

Recovery of sandwaves post-clearance 

Channel morphology across estuary 

Our current list of clients includes;

  • Intertek
  • Partrac

If you would like to use our services or would like further information about what we offer, please feel free to contact us.